Puppeteer or ventriloquist?

I just heard a derivative of word storytelling. It is so wide actually,  as I always accompanied with a hand-puppet while I deliver a storytelling.  Most of those storytellings, I was with si Otan – the Orang Utan hand-puppet. Another hand-puppets are Elmo,  Tigar and Bert (I’ll tell you each of it in another time).

As a consequences,  with my hand-puppet on my left hand,  I have to talk to my puppet. As if we are two different life creature so we have to communicate lively – as two different ‘person’on stage.

Another main point is that we have to be wit.  As wit as possible.  So,  we have to look very engaged. We have to be so close in front of audiences due to storytelling duration. Yes,  time management is very important and the ‘hook’in both of us is very significant.

Our dialogue can not be concerned  as a bored communication,  and one of the hints is that I need to talk each other in different ‘sound’.  When I am as myself and when I am as my hand-puppet. The inter-chance sound need to be quick adequately.

If I were myself,  I use my usual voice or sound.  But when I were my hand-puppet, I change the voice,  adjust with it.  So I need to adjust it quickly.  All dialogue need to be under a good flow and so life. It is common as well to develop a simple scenario or mind-map of the story that will be my story in storytelling.

In delivering my own voice,  I don’t find any difficulties (of course).  But when I were my hand-puppet, I am moving his mouth (with my hand)  while I am delivering his voice. It needs to be in harmony so I still can attract audiences’ attention.

In the way I deliver my hand-puppet’s voice,  there are two ways,  i. e. Showing a clear mouth-movement and without showing it clearly.

The first way is called by puppeteers and for the second way,  it is called as ventriloquism.

Hence,  in my current time in delivering storytelling, I used to use the puppeteers way.  But,  for sure,  I’m kept trying to increase my ability to be able to become a ventriloquist.


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